Monday, 3 June 2013

Responsible tourism – The need of Eco – tourism

We accept this fact or not but surely the increase in interaction all across the globe have somehow been good as well bad for us. Today tourism and travel sector has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry but in the race of gaining more & more profit we have somehow neglected the needs of mother nature. Fortunately  now people are getting inclined towards Eco – tourism.

Some of us may wonder what this term exactly means. So, we can say in short that steps taken by us for a sustainable conservation of the area that we travel can be covered under Eco – tourism. The aim of all this is solely to enjoy the place in its original form and not to deface it with our alien presence.

You can take some steps given below to ensure it : -

Use nature based products as much as possible. For example a lemonade can be a better drink in hotter destinations than going for a carbonated cola.

Carry a garbage bag with you wherever you go and keep in mind to throw it only in a dustbin. It has been found that trash disposed irresponsibly by tourists not only harms the beauty of a place but is also hazardous for the flora & fauna of the place and poses serious threat to animal life as well.

Make sure you take services from local people more. The benefit of you being in their land should reach the natives, so that travelers like you keep getting a warm welcome on trips and travel expeditions.

Clean up the mess right after you are done with your camping and other activities. Try to leave no signs of your presence in the place to keep it in its perfect shape. This would be considered as a nice gesture from your side to show respect to nature and the destination you enjoyed.

If you see something wrong in the place which is actually harming the destination and its natural & cultural aspects, you can spare a little time and send an appeal to the local tourism department via email or post to show your concern. The more appeals received will open gates to more efficient steps taken towards the place. Trust me you will feel great inside when you do this.

This responsible behavior towards the nature and destinations you visit can be a great way to demonstrate your passion towards traveling. Not only this, there are several other benefits from this such as : -
  •  Safeguards the beauty of nature and preserves the cultural heritage & values of the natives of that place.
  •  It gives employment to the local population and make them feel good about the place where they live.
  • This will prevent forced migration due to lack of work opportunities.
  • You, the traveler will enjoy the beauty of the place in its original form.

We can say that showing a little concern towards the places we visit and bringing a little modifications in our style of traveling can bring a brighter dawn at the ever expanding horizon of traveling.

Happy Traveling friends

By Prashant Rana