Thursday, 16 January 2014

An Evening spent in Peaceful Chaos

Hello friends, sorry for not keeping up for so many months due to some personal issues

Ganktok the capital city of state of Sikkim in North-East India, is an amazing place for any travel enthusiast to visit. This city is surely going to rejuvenate your soul. Its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage can keep you captive for hours, days or probably months and yet when you come back you would wish to have spent more time there. The good thing is that there is always a next time when your heart strives for it.

What I miss the most about Gangtok is the evening I spent in Gandhi Market there.

At first it looked nothing different than any other market place of a popular tourist place, but when I took out my camera and started to look for subjects to capture I realized that this market is not like the others I have visited previously. It was crowded yet very peaceful. Something which I thought was impossible before I stood there in that moment.
I kept wondering for many minutes about the reasons behind this steadiness and calmness of a place so crowded and I figured out that
  • ·         It is all because of the discipline people follow here.
  • ·         They all simply enjoy being here but make sure that they do not interrupt in other’s enjoyment.
  • ·         No automobile zone status makes this market a paradise for shoppers.
  • ·         Gangtok is a smoke free city and the administration authorities strictly enforce this law.
  • ·         Well maintained flowers and pedestrian pavements keep your mind at ease.

I could sit there and watch people walk around and shop for many hours forgetting the limits of time. It was indeed an experience I’ve never had before. Chaotic, crowded, noisy and yet tranquility prevailed all around. I am still not finished with this place and one day I will again visit it just to sit there and watch a market breathing and walking just like a peaceful monk in mountains.

by Prashant Rana
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