Thursday, 3 April 2014

Rewalsar – a place where religion meets God

God is a word for some and world for some. Whoever you and wherever on the planet you are trying to survive the time called life, you will always find yourself surrounded by the Topic of God either in terms of the religion you follow or the deeds you do. The world has seen so many wars and massacres on the name of God. Racial discrimination, political moves, sociological circumstances and human relations are somehow connected to this word directly or indirectly. But, this article is not about God or any particular religion. It is about a place where I found Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism growing and glowing together with prosperity and peace. Rewalsar – a small town in the Himalayan Mountains of the state of Himachal Pradesh in India.

You can reach Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh easily by bus from New Delhi as there is a frequent bus service ranging from Air conditioned to normal ones. From Mandi district you have to either hire a taxi or get into a minibus with reasonable fair till Rewalsar.

When you step down at the main bus stop of this town you may see a regular crowded market like any other town of India, but the moment you take a small street and enter the town you are going to be welcomed by a huge statue of Buddhist Rimpoche Padmasambhava right above a lake amidst the Himalayan mountains. The statue gives a feeling that the town is being guarded with positive energy. And it sure is.

The place has everything you can wish for to bring peace to your restless soul. A town where people are friendly and surroundings are peaceful. I spent a little time here but I was amazed to see that people could greet me with my name and those who did not know my name would greet me with a sweet smile. An experience I never had anywhere else in India.

I am not going to go in depths of religious stories of this town because the web world is filled with information. I would just say that for sure this place is going to give you a soothing experience when you sit by the lake at dusk, watching the moon rise from behind the mountains, listening to Hindu aartis and Buddhist chants along with Sikh gurbaanis which creates a universal sense of music while Cool breeze brushing your hair and you can see fishes coming up the surface of water to fetch pieces of bread which local people serve them when they encircle the sacred lake. An unexplainable feeling which all our souls that face constant buzz of traffic and pollution, strives for.

by Prashant Rana
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About Author – Prashant Rana is a Travel Photographer/Writer residing in New Delhi – INDIA. With a curiosity like a kid and a camera in hands he travels through India for some unique experiences which are not yet into the travel books.